Behind The Wheel Guide

Behind The Wheel Guide

What’s in the Behind The Wheel Guide?

This guide is provides an in-depth overview into the trucking industry.
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In the Behind The Wheel Guide you will discover

  • The Freight Economy

  • Trucking Statistics and the Importance of the Trucking Industry in US and Canada

  • Facts and Figures of the Canadian Trucking Industry

  • Fuel Efficiency Benchmarking in Canada’s Trucking Industry

  • The Study Sample

  • Fuel Efficiency Highlights

  • Detailed Results

  • Natural Gas Trucks

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Type of work

  • Outlook
  • Sources of employment

  • Labour pool

  • Industries

  • Trends

  • Employment characteristics

  • Fleets missing out on fuel savings: report

  • BC Trucking Association

  • Industry Overview

  • Environment

  • Trade

  • Employment