Buy Side Engagement

Buy Side Engagement

Buy Side Representation

Pavilion Business Services represents corporations, private equity firms and investors that are seeking to grow their business through acquisition. We help formulate acquisition strategies, identify prospective targets, initiate contact, negotiate terms of the agreement, and raise acquisition financing, if necessary.

In buy-side representation, we represent the client (buyer) in identifying, vetting, analyzing, and acquiring the assets or ownership interest in one or more companies.

When you might need buy-side representation?

The client company objective is to make acquisitions within its industry (or complementary industries) in order to capitalize on or expand its position in the space, distribution and sales channels, technical capabilities, geographic location, manufacturing capacity, and others.

The client company often prefers to remain anonymous during the preliminary search phase. Therefore, our team is critical in making the first contact with the target company and performing the initial assessment/analysis.

The client company lacks the staff or specific expertise to navigate all the phases of a transaction including: detailed analysis, valuation, drafting an offer, due diligence and closing.

Buy Side Representation

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Phases in the buy-side representation
process and timeline

The timeline is typically open-ended during a buy-side agreement, given that the process involves the search for a suitable acquisition target. Primary phases of the process and services performed by Pavilion advisors include:

  • Initial meeting and consultation to determine the client company’s needs
  • Industry analysis
  • Detailed search for possible target companies
  • Initial contact and assessment of target companies
  • Detailed analysis of target companies
  • Decision regarding which target(s) to pursue
  • Valuation and offer
  • Due diligence
  • Closing

No matter the specific profile of target acquisition, we understand that all buyers want to accelerate their growth by acquiring assets more quickly than could be created from scratch.

We execute your acquisition strategy by providing insight into market conditions, identifying and screening acquisition candidates, facilitating communication, analyzing data and helping you to compose a fair offer that will get accepted, all while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

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