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Deal Announcement – Network Systems Integrator

By Pavilion

Pavilion Business Services is pleased to announce the acquisition of Optinet Systems Inc. (Optinet) a telecoms and networking company by a private buyer.

Pavilion was retained by Optinet as its exclusive sell-side advisor, assisting and negotiating the structure of the transaction as well as due diligence. The new owner brings significant benefits and experience to the Optinet business model and improves the prospect of growth and expansion for business operations.

Comments on Pavilion by one of the Directors of Optinet – Ron Botting said:

“We are very pleased with the transaction process and advice from the team at Pavilion, they implemented an outreach program, secured multiple bidders and helped us choose the right buyer partner. Pavilion helped us through the challenging process of negotiations, LOI and final agreements. We are delighted with the outcome.”


Pavilion Business Services is a Canadian M&A advisory firm dedicated to assisting companies with the divestitures, acquisitions, and other strategic plans. We have led numerous transactions across Canada for discerning clients when the time comes for a sale, merger or acquisition.

Pavilion has direct access to a global network of strategic buyers. This access provides our clients with the highest standard of service and enables them to sell their business for maximum value and on the best terms available.

Choosing the best time to sell is a key issue for sellers and planning is essential. If you have succession and exit planning on your agenda, it’s a great time to talk to the Pavilion team. For a no-obligation discussion or to arrange to meet up for a coffee – please call me at 1.800.758.2922.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Greg Spafford