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Pavilion Business Services prides itself in providing professional client-centered service. We provide the highest standard of personal and professional integrity. We work hard to ensure each of our clients achieves their business goals.

Our team is comprised of expert professionals with extensive experience both locally and globally. The Pavilion team includes business consultants, Mergers and Acquisitions professionals, succession planning and marketing communications experts.



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Our Team

Greg SpaffordGreg Spafford
Managing Director, IBBA
Stephen HarrisonStephen Harrison
Sales Director
Stephen PlantStephen Plant
Business Accountant, CPA
Paul MaarschalkPaul Maarschalk
Business Accountant, BA; CPA, CA; CBV
In addition to the core team whose pictures are illustrated above, the Pavilion team comprises of additional key staff including: database researchers, buyer registrar, business valuators, copywriters, graphic designer and web developer to name a few.


Our Values

Our day to day operations are guided by a set of key values which contribute to our success:

  • We value our commitment to ensuring our clients’ success in achieving their goals.
  • We value honesty, trust, and candid discourse among our staff and clients.
  • We pride ourselves in continually striving to “think outside the box”, and providing innovative solutions to our clients needs.
  • We are continually working towards maintaining a balanced and fun working environment.
  • Every facet of our business is conducted with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and professionalism.
  • We welcome constructive feedback and are continually looking to improve ourselves, and the services we offer.


Selecting the right Business Adviser
(Broker or Mergers & Acquisitions)

You’ve decided to sell your business. Who should you sell it to and for how much? A Business Broker can help guide you through the selling process, but how do you select the right Business Broker to sell your company?

A good Business Broker can and should be able to sell your business for 20-40 percent more than you could on your own, according to Michelle Seiler-Tucker, author of “Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth.”

When you interview prospective brokers, they should be able to easily answer the following questions:

Characteristics that separate a good Business Broker from a mediocre one include:

  • Connected – The Business Broker you select should already have a large database of contacts to approach with your business opportunity.
  • Skilled – The right Business Broker for you will be skilled in marketing, sales and finance. Strong negotiating skills are a must.
  • Experienced – You want to find someone that is experienced in ALL aspects of the selling process. This is where business brokers differ from accountants, lawyers and realtors.

Connected, Skilled, Experienced

Get to Know us – How can Pavilion help?

Pavilion Business Services is here to prepare your business for success and growth in the years leading up to putting the business on the market.

If you’re thinking about selling your business, use the expertise and the range of services provided by Business Brokers. Get the maximum value for your business, contact Pavilion Business Services for a free consultation, click here.