REVENUE: $3,160,246

EBITDA: Undisclosed

REF: 541710-T12M17

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Laboratory

This pharmaceutical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) is located in Canada with a long-standing scientific reputation and recognized capabilities in GLP bioanalytics and CMC analytical chemistry supporting drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and formulation development from preclinical to clinical Phase I to III development.

Led and operated by a team of dependable and knowledgeable scientific staff, this CRO has established a proven reputation within the biotech and pharmaceutical community in Canada and the United States. Starting from the current profitable and highly experienced operation, a strategic acquisition of this CRO can provide attractive future growth in revenue and in strategic value in market share growth.

Industry and Market Advantage

Since the 90’s, this CRO has been recognized as a pioneer in LC/MS/MS and ELISA bioanalytical assays supporting drug discovery, preclinical and clinical Phase I to III development of either small molecules or biologics. One of the noteworthy areas of unique capabilities in microbiota metabolism has provided this CRO with healthy gains in market share in recent years. This CRO has contributed to numerous NDAs in the areas of oncology, hematology and other therapeutic areas. This CRO is unique in its ability to provide consultation to biotech or big Pharma clients alike in designing fit-for-purpose specialized studies in reference with current regulatory guidance including GRAS, IND/CTA or NDA filings.


Long-term highly experienced senior scientific staff will be committed during transition to new ownership. Current owner would lead a seamless integration under new management for a negotiable period of time.


Approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of current GLP bioanalytical and analytical chemistry laboratory space is available for sale or lease. An adjacent 3,000 sq. ft. rodent animal facility designed for xenograft, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic preclinical studies (AAALAC and CCAC standards) is also available as an optional offer.


2015 2016 2017 2018 (interim) 2019F
Revenue $ 1,642,411 1,566,308 2,766,585 3,160,246 3,256,271
Net Income $ 471,306 236,187 613,047 704,029 721,556

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