REVENUE: $1,395,443

EBITDA: Undisclosed

REF: 517910-J8P18

Western Canada Interconnect/Reseller

The Western Canada Interconnect/Reseller wholesales phone lines and internet services from the top tier providers and resells their services. The Company serves clients throughout Canada.
The Company uses a large network of distributors.
The Company has approximately 400 active clients annually with the Company’s largest customer representing less than 3% of recurring revenue. Most of the Company’s clients are under auto-renewal contracts.


The current owner of the Western Canada Interconnect/Reseller is willing to remain in the business after the sale for up to six months to ensure a smooth transition.


2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Revenue $ 1,702,519 1,546,214 1,456,346 1,625,329 1,395,443
EBITDA $ 229,116 278,214 247,890 tbd tbd

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