World Class Marketing Experts

Pavilion Business Services works closely with our in-house marketing agency, Firstbase Business Services, to focus exclusively on strategic marketing and business development. Firstbase has over 35 years of history working with some of the biggest and most successful companies. Here is the link to the Firstbase customer experience.
We offer a full business marketing and strategic planning service to our clients and leverage our decades of marketing experience when bringing a business to market.

Our team consists of:

  • Database Researchers
  • Marketing Experts
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Development Managers
  • Legal Specialists who focus on Merger / Acquisition
  • Accounting Specialists
  • Dedicated Negotiation Team

Global Marketing Reach

Firstbase provides direct access to a database team to research potential strategic buyers to help market your company effectively across Canada, USA and around the world.
With access to over 200 million companies worldwide, Pavilion can effectively reach and attract strategic buyers. In addition, you will benefit from our team of experienced senior managers to work closely with you to negotiate and close the deal for maximum value.

To learn more about the Firstbase side of our business, visit online at


Pavilion Advantage

Pavilion is the only organization that provides a comprehensive marketing agency as part of the Mergers & Acquisitions / Brokerage service. Our clients achieve maximum value for their businesses and are rewarded amply for their years of hard work.

NOTE: If you engage another organization, you will discover they don’t have the marketing abilities to generate multiple bidders. As a result, your business will not achieve the number of offers required, resulting in a lower selling price and less favorable terms.

By utilizing our extensive international marketing experience, we are able to effectively position your company and generate multiple buyer interests. The resulting “bidding environment” ensures that you receive maximum value for the years of hard work put into building your company.

Increase the value of your company –before you sell

To get the maximum value for your company it takes time. If you wait too long to start thinking about selling your business, you will miss out on getting the most value.

Preparing your business for a sale can take up to two years, so start preparing immediately and do these three things:

  1. Grow sales: Although it may seem odd to spend time increasing the revenue of a business you’re about to sell, but you’ll get more money in the sale. A business that shows consistently growing revenue for two or three years increases the buyers willingness to pay a higher price.
  2. Put systems in place: Buyers look for companies that have systems in place to successfully operate without excessive supervision. If your business has a heavy reliance on your skills and relationships, the riskier it is to a buyer (decreasing their willingness to pay a higher price). Make sure that your business can still function successfully without your presence. If you or a key staff member get sick or hurt, you want to ensure that the business can operate on its own. Employees should be thoroughly trained so they can function without you. So develop procedures and operating systems to prevent too much power concentrated with any one employee.
  3. Get your affairs in order: Make sure any aspects of your business that may affect the salability and price of your business. This may include: financial documentation, lease issues, staffing problems, etc. Get these in order, before your business is listed!

Source: NFIB