Seller’s Data Room

Seller's Data Room

What’s in a Seller’s Data Room?

Pavilion makes M&A due diligence simple and secure. Organize and share your private transactional documents in Pavilion Business Services secure seller’s data room. Pavilion provides one of the most comprehensive and forward-thinking deal tools in the marketplace. We allow clients to automate many tasks associated with due diligence and prepare the information in advance.

Pavilion understand our clients’ challenges and support every type of transaction event, we provide unique features as

  • Complete document security — protect all PDF and Microsoft Office files without sacrificing fidelity
  • Clients can set up dedicated file templates, add users and documents
  • Deal marketing platform — securely transfer deal documents prior to diligence
  • Mobile access — our secure system manages all aspects of the transaction, including adding new documents and users
  • Easy to upload documents to your own online data room
  • Password controlled for secure access
  • Full audit control and visibility of access by users
  • Lots of storage space for financial files and reference documents
  • Saves time by enabling preparation of information in advance of Due Diligence

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Deal preparation – it can be easy

Stay organized and prepared for due diligence. Organize critical files through our Deal Room to facilitate hassle-free deal prep and a seamless transition into the Virtual Data Room. Avoid having to search through inboxes desperately trying to find a particular spreadsheet, or worrying about tracking down the latest version of a document. Your team can work together more collaboratively and productively from day one.

Throughout the deal process, managing questions from potential buyers and ensuring prompt responses can be tedious and time consuming.  The Pavilion Data Room eliminates the confusion and protects you from the most commonly made mistakes, while maintaining important security and accountability features.