Transition Planning Guide

Transition Planning Guide

What’s in the Transition Planning Guide?

This guide contains essential information about how to ensure your business is prepared to achieve maximum value. This guide is a comprehensive document that sets out the framework for a successful transaction. A must read for any business owner who is planning to exit within 5 years or less.
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This free guide is a critical resource if you are thinking about selling your business

Transition Planning Guide
  • There is no Substitution for Experience
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • What is an Exit Plan?
  • 10 Value Drivers to Sell your Business for the Highest Price
  • 10 Keys to Preparing your Business for Sale
  • Human Capital Risk and the Impact on Business Value
  • How to Build Recurring Revenue: A Key to a Valuable Business
  • Choosing the Right Team
  • Risk & Rewards The Million $ Question