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future goalsBuying or selling a privately held or family-owned business in Canada requires full consideration of all aspects of the transaction. At Pavilion Business Services, we offer expertise and experience in buy-side and sell-side support for people selling a business and those interested in buying companies.

Our goal is to advise our clients discretely and effectively throughout the sale and purchase process. As your business management consultant, we understand your goals and objectives throughout the process. We work to represent your best interests with end-to-end services, tailored to meet your requirements.





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We handle every process discretely, professionally and with senior-level attention, tailoring each process to address the unique business attributes and specific objectives of our clients.

Pavilion’s M&A and due diligence advisory services cover a wide range of transaction types. We advise on:

  • Buy-Side transactions for clients interested in acquiring companies
  • Sell-Side transactions for company owners and shareholders wishing to sell
Pavilion Services

We provide services for buyers and vendors of business (Acquisitions), and sellside transactions, mergers and fund-raising exercises. Below is a summary:

  • Sell-Side Advisory
  • Buy-Side Advisory
  • Family Business Transitions and Solutions
  • Management Buy-Outs and Recapitalizations
  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

We develop client-tailored strategies and specific solutions, identify appropriate opportunities and partners, and orchestrate all aspects of the transaction executions.

Pavilion has acted for many respected businesses to structure, negotiate, acquire and execute strategic business M&A solutions.

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