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Read what our clients have to say.

“I’m very pleased with the results. After getting a detailed evaluation I decided it was time to sell the business. It wasn’t long before I had three interested buyers and sold my company for over 37% of the valuation price.”


“Ok, I admit that I made a mistake by trying to use a Real Estate agent to sell my business. After over a year listing with them – they only attracted two low-ball offers and I was disappointed. The folks at Pavilion called me and after checking them out, I decided to give them the opportunity. Within 3 months they attracted 7 offers and I’m pleased to say they were great. I’ve sold my business for fair market value and now working on the transition steps to exit.”


“It was really important that my business was listed and sold without disrupting day-to-day activity for my employees and customers. Pavilion was able to handle the sale with complete confidentiality until we reached a point where it was appropriate to let my team and my clients know about the change in ownership. The plus for me is that we’ve found someone who will take care of my employees who are very important and like part of my family.”


“I didn’t really know what to expect from the valuation process. When Pavilion presented me the valuation and showed how they had used over 20 different valuation methods I was confident that I have the most accurate and unbiased valuation possible. My business wasn’t valued as much as I’d hoped for – so now I’m working with the Pavilion team on improving my sales and bottom line profitability.”


“Our accounting firm said they could sell my business for about $12,000,000 and I knew it was worth more. The team at Pavilion showed me how they went about their marketing process and within 4 month brought in over 64 buyers, including interested parties from Europe. I’m pleased to say they successfully sold the business for 35% more – they earned their fee for sure!”


“I worked with a small Broker and got burnt – he didn’t get any results after one year and I was frustrated. After talking with Greg Spafford at Pavilion, he showed me the marketing and connections they have built over 15 years and decided to give them a try. Despite my reservations – the Pavilion team has been great, excellent service and I’ve sold my business for what I had hoped for.”