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Selling Off Your Business
Interests Has A Lot Of Benefits

Divestiture can represent a partial or full disposal of a business entity through exchange, closure, or outright sale.

This strategy is used for growth, to obtain funds, enhance stability or break into units to reach greater value than the consolidated company.

Company value can be maximized in good times which reduces stress for owners, employees and families.

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“Wise executives divest businesses so that they can create new ones and expand existing ones.”

Before agreeing to less-than-optimal terms just to close the deal, a Pavilion M&A advisor should review all options for the sale, or partial sale, of your business and structure a deal that has the best price and terms for you.



Divestitures help companies maintain their strategic focus.

Selling assets with poor profitability frees up internal assets, which the company can use to strengthen its other businesses. Disposal of non-core assets avoids costly distractions and creates value.

Divestitures also provides cash to purchase or improve assets that can enhance profitability.


Waiting Too Long = Too Little, Too Late

The costs are high of holding onto businesses, particularly successful ones. Finding the best buyer for the sale of your business can be challenging. The entire process may seem daunting when you add financing to the equation. Here are a few risks that may not be recognized by a business owner:

  • Every seller knows a buyer, but the results are not optimal
  • Not being prepared for the extensive effort and time the deal will take
  • Failing to create a competitive sales process
  • Having an inadequate understanding of competitors and market comparables
  • Failing to negotiate and agree upon a favorable Purchase Agreement
  • Overestimating the value of your business and undervaluing intangible assets
  • Not appreciating that time is the enemy of all deals
  • Failing to communicate the vision and strategic fit
  • Not understanding the negotiation dynamics

Sell sooner. For the vast majority of divestitures we’ve studied, it’s clear that an earlier sale would have generated much higher returns.

Reduce your risks of selling with having a Pavilion advisor that specializes in negotiating Merger and Acquisition transactions.

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  • 20Our firm is a Private Equity group who has the goal of investing over $300M for acquisitions.  We were having challenges finding and locating the “right deal” in US or Canada.  After much frustration seeking sellers who would qualify, I contacted Pavilion. I must admit after some scepticism, they are introducing me to transactions that have impressed me.  They have a complete system for “deal flow” that now means we are on track to reach our investment goals.

    Mark - Private Equity
  • After searching for more than 2 years to locate a fit and value, without success, we contacted Pavilion to see if they could help.  We retained Pavilion to help us acquire a company that fit our investment criteria. Within 24 hours they introduced me to sellers that I wasn’t aware of and the phone call with the seller went very well.  We are now in the Due Diligence phase and I’m very pleased that our transaction is on track for success.

    Randy - Strategic Buyer
  • Dear Stephen: On behalf of Norm and I, just a short note of thanks to you and the team at Pavilion for your work assisting BC Comfort senior management via our unique "value gap analysis".  The findings of which helped strengthen several core processes during an important period of transition in our industry. We have a better business because of your efforts.

    Robert Noel President, BC Comfort
  • Greg & Team Thanks so much for making the sale of Nowak Rope.  Without your team working so hard we wouldn't be where we are today.  Retirement is feeling pretty good.  You went above and beyond to make this happen. Thanks again.

    Sigmunt & Lisa Nowak Nowak Rope
  • We had been working with several of the larger accounting firms for our Valuation work – without any satisfaction. When Pavilion presented me the valuation and showed how they had used over 20 different valuation methods I was confident that we have the most accurate and unbiased valuation possible that is a fair representation of business value. We have been working with them for over 15 valuations – we now use Pavilion – they really know their stuff!

    City of Surrey
  • I tried to sell my company on my own and wasn’t getting anywhere. After six months working with the team at Pavilion, there were ten interested parties. Pavilion handled all the inquiries to present the two most qualified buyers for my consideration. I’m happy with the final selling price and that I’m out of the daily routine – really looking forward to retirement.

    Ross Ireland
  • My husband passed away suddenly and the business was left to me to operate. I needed to sell it quickly and achieve top value. The Pavilion team achieve success by selling 3 business units to different buyers who wanted the market share and customer base. They have been great!

    Business Owner’s Widow
  • Thanks to work completed by the Pavilion Team, I could focus on running my business rather than dealing with all the details involved in listing and selling the company. They have been amazing in generating lots of buyers. As a result, I had several offers to buy my business. They handled all the details that enabled me to stay focused on managing my operations. The best part of all is I realized a higher sale price and am very happy!

    Jag Nahal
  • I sold my business at the top end of the market value – primarily because of the team at Pavilion. They engaged 27 different bidders who were mostly strategic buyers who wanted a West Coast footprint. Their process amazed me – as I wasn’t expecting that level of buyer interest. Pavilion exceeded my $$ value goal and negotiated excellent transition terms – enabling me to reduce taxes. Great folks to work with and I’ve offered to speak to anyone who is planning on selling.

    Val Varga VVV Engineering Director
  • The Pavilion team exceeded my expectations. They provided me with a Valuation that surprised me, revealing a lot of extra value that I hadn’t considered. I was expecting disruption but they managed the sales smoothly from start to finish. They handled the entire sale process with complete secrecy and my staff was not alerted or alarmed. I was expecting a lower sale $ $ value and the successful buyer paid more than I expected. They negotiated a higher cash component and great transition terms for me.

  • I had been searching for synergistic companies to acquire for nearly three years – without success. I engaged Pavilion for their assistance and in less than 4 months they identified 11 potential targets that met with my requirements. Now I’ve acquired 2 business operations that are the right fit and value – I’ve made the right choice, thanks to the talented team at Pavilion.

    Suren Ramlochun
  • The Pavilion team negotiated with multiple parties and achieved great value, price, and terms that resulted in more $$$ value. They have kept their promise of delivering best value to our shareholders. They achieved this in less than 12 months. Well done to the Pavilion team!

    Dave Andrews Director, Penguin Meats
  • We are very pleased with the transaction process and advice from the team at Pavilion, they implemented an outreach program secured multiple bidders and help use choose the right buyer partner. Pavilion helped us through the challenging process of negotiations, LOI and final agreements. We are delighted with the outcome.

    Ron Botting Director, Optinet Systems Inc.
  • I’ve known about Pavilion for only a short while before recruiting their assistance to sell my business. They did an awesome job and achieved a good price. Transition terms where very acceptable. I’m now retired and enjoying life to the fullest

    Patti Tan
  • Thank you for helping us through the valuation, listing and sale process and quite the process it is! We are still fumbling our way through the smoke with the transition, but are starting to see everything come together from Noble Tractor to Country Tractor. Quite the learning process for both parties, but so far, so good. A really special thank you to MaryAnne for coming to our aid with the Tk’emlups lease and getting everything confirmed with the Band. I think she really went above and beyond!

    Brenda Noble Noble Tractor & Equipment Ltd.
  • As one the largest company operating in our region; running a high profile business in a competitive environment, confidentiality and privacy was a major concern when I was selling my business. The team at Pavilion did an exemplary job of maintaining a low profile throughout the sale process and keep it under the radar. We had numerous qualified bidders, their in-house marketing agency Firstbase did a great job. I’m very pleased with the sales price and overall outcome – well done.

    Gordon Gibbons Mud Bay Drilling
  • I’m an accountant and a CBV specialist – after 3 years trying to sell my business without help, I enlisted the help of Pavilion. What a difference professionals make – they researched and obtained numerous offers and negotiated a transaction for more than twice (2X) what I thought it was worth. I’m happily retired and traveling North America in my RV – our staff and business continues onward for another 100 years! Great Job Pavilion.

  • Pavilion valued my business at between $17.5M to $19.5M and so far they have generated over 46 enquiries from strategic buyers across Canada and USA. They researched and compiled a list of buyers and I’m impressed with their approach. They have a whole team to help me including accounting, valuators, lawyer, marketing and negotiation team. My partner and I didn’t realize the process and steps were so involved and I am very happy with the results and delighted Pavilion is on our team.

    Russ Hebblethwaite
  • It was really important that my business was listed and sold without disrupting day-to-day activity for my employees and customers. Pavilion was able to handle the sale with complete confidentiality until we reached a point where it was appropriate to let my team and my clients know about the change in ownership. The plus for me is that we’ve found someone who will take care of my employees who are very important and like part of my family.

    Navneet Dhanju
  • The Pavilion team has been awesome and instrumental in getting the deal done. We are glad it was negotiated with multiple parties and achieved great value, price and terms that resulted in more $$ from an unexpected buyer. It is a great fit and confidence in the future of Concorde Glazing.

    Dave Balshaw Director, Concorde Glazing
  • The Pavilion team surprised me with how their research and outreach process identified numerous buyers of whom I was not aware. Their privacy approach enabled the complete process to be done securely without the knowledge of staff, customers or suppliers. I am very pleased with the transaction process and advice from the team at Pavilion. They implemented an outreach program, secured multiple bidders and helped me choose the right buyer partner.

    Mark Trotzuk Director, Eco Boardroom Apparel
  • The Pavilion Team did a fantastic job to help me sell my business, very competent and their support was invaluable

    Bryan Robinson Atlas Anchor Systems
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