Buy a Business

Looking to Buy a Business?

Working with Pavilion Business Services can dramatically reduce the pain and aggravation of looking for a quality business to acquire. Often, when we are retained by a buyer to actively search for a business, a seller may be more motivated to consider an offer without the business officially being on the market. This type of exclusivity is only available to select buyers that are working closely with us.

Our free guide will provide you with access to information that is crucial in making correct decisions with regards buying a business.

What are the Benefits of a Buy side Business Broker?

Business Identification and Pre-Qualification

Through our extensive global network, we are able to identify companies in specific sectors or industries that match your search criteria. We will contact your acquisition target and pre-qualify the business so you don’t waste time exploring opportunities that don’t meet your specifications. Having an experienced business broker on your team will allow you to concentrate on more profitable exercises while we actively search on your behalf.

Business Acquisition Negotiations

Often your acquisitions target will have already engaged a business broker and having an experienced broker on your side as well will level the playing field. We also offer a level of objectivity that isn’t always possible when you are actively involved in the negotiations personally.

Business Acquisition Financing

We have access to a variety of funding sources and may be able to help you obtain financing for your next acquisition. Pavilion networks with traditional lenders, wealthy individuals, private equity groups and other sources of financing. Often a deal can come down to financing and it is important to work with a broker who has access to a variety of financing sources.

Documentation and Due Diligence

We will work with your legal and financial professionals to conduct sufficient due diligence, ensuring that all potential risks are identified and accounted for in the offer. Pavilion will also work with your legal advisor to produce critical documentation such as a Letter of Intent or Purchase Agreement.

Closing the Deal

Many people think that once the Purchase Agreement is signed the deal is done, but our experience tells us that it is far from over at that point. We will coordinate closing activities to ensure that all due diligence items have been addressed and the groundwork has been established for a smooth transfer of ownership.

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