Business Valuations


There will always be their price, your price, and the fair price. Knowing the fair value provides gut-level comfort and a huge advantage in this chaotic world. You get to be the one that is certain.

Some say a company is worth exactly what another person is willing to pay. Or is it? How about the value of the assets? Or earnings and income? Is it the potential of the business? Or goodwill? Is it all or some of it? How do you arrive at that magic number, fairly?

More importantly, who can provide that assessment? An accountant? A lawyer? Your neighbor who sold his business? How can you be certain?

Pavilion has accredited business valuations specialists to help you assess the true value of your business.

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There are several methods when valuing a business that includes valuing various components of your business, including goodwill, tangible and non-tangible assets, property and management knowledge and commitment. Business Valuation is a valuable tool when selling one’s company.

Tick tock – it’s exit o’clock…time keeps slipping away… so does the opportunity to make changes to unlock the value of your business.

A great place to begin is a Pavilion Business Valuation – this helps establish a starting point for informed decision making about exiting your business. Whether you want to sell today, or strengthen your business and unlock the value for tomorrow and grow to the next level – it’s a great place to get started.


Pavilion business valuations methodology entails the use of up to 20 valuation methods, including Income approach, Market approach, Cost
approach, Custom methods, Deal structure analysis, “What if” analysis, as well as numerous other valuation methods and financial tools. Business valuation is a complex task.

If your valuation doesn’t consider all factors or if it uses inappropriate valuation methods, your business will be significantly undervalued.

Our in-house valuation specialists will work closely with you to ensure your financials represent the true value of your business.

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