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“Pavilion’s industry experience opens doors for your sector.”

Pavilion’s experience in multi-dimensional industries creates real business opportunity.
Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, as seen below.

Aerospace & Aviation

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Digital Currency



Equipment Dealers

Fisheries & Aquaculture

Food Processing & Manufacturing

Glazing & Fenestration

health and safety

Health and Safety


HVAC & Facilities Management


Mining / Heavy Equipment

Natural Gas


Oil / Gas


Professional Services (Accounting, Insurance, Healthcare Providers)

Real Estate


Recruitment Services

Retail Services


software services

Software Services

solar energy

Solar Energy



Transportation & Trucking


Wind Power

Wind Power

Buyers Seeking

Planning to sell your business?

We have buyers looking for businesses like yours.
Pavilion will help with the sale and divestiture of your business to ensure your successful exit.

Public Companies

Selling ownership or shares in your publicly-traded company?

Generate significant cash or pay down debts. We have buyers looking to acquire businesses like yours
and to compensate well for giving up ownership in the company.

Sell your shares at a premium over current market price

Stock Exchange Listings

Pavilion often works with buyers from large public companies and they have solid balance sheets with cash to invest. We know how to get the deal done with maximized value for you.

The Pavilion team has researched the companies on the Stock Exchanges around the world. A significant portion of our transactions are with public companies based on their strategic acquisition profiles.

International & Global

Access International & Global Markets

Transform your industry, re-imagine your services and create positive value for your company.
We are engaged in a global marketplace, working with both sellers and buyers from around the world.

Gain the farthest reach in the M&A market

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Measurable results
you can bank on!

Pavilion’s International map can open doors for your company. We build effective supply chains and sales channels. We also engage financial and strategic partners across geographic regions for local, national and global coverage.

Our data science engineering technology has the ability to target and reach strategic firms that provide the optimum fit and value around the globe for synergistic compatibility.

View our Global Reach

Buyer Profiles

What are the types of Buyers for your business?

A potential buyer will have a large impact on the valuation, price and terms of a transaction.
Our geo-demographic technology has the ability to target and reach strategic firms that provide the optimum fit.

Gain the audience your business needs

Confidently access the right Buyer

Pavilion’s myriad of Buyer categories stretch across local, regional, national and global markets. Our database marketing, market research, data engineering and geo-demographic targeting, identify strategic buyers for your business.

Your business is showcased to qualified buyers on our exclusive network of the world’s most financial and strategic buyers and investors – in both the private and public sectors.

Pavilion’s teams’ pre-qualification process determines the levels of motivation, intentions, goals and expected outcome benefits to the acquiring company.

Your information is protected and secured with strict protocols for your confidentiality and privacy.

Buyer profiles & outreach programs

Pavilion has access to Buyers from around the world including:

  • Strategic Buyers selected by industry category, niche and vertical markets
  • Financial Buyers
  • Venture Capital firms (VC’s)
  • Private Equity Groups (PEG’s)
  • Wealthy Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Private Buyers
  • Angel Investors
  • First Nations
  • Comprehensive database of companies in USA and Canada
  • International Buyers including: North & South America, Latin & South America, Europe, Asia, Middle & Far East and Australia

Strategic (Synergistic) Buyers


Strategic M&A buyers are companies that are actively seeking to grow or diversify their revenue sources in the seller’s market. They are more likely to be other companies, and these deals are called strategic M&A. Strategic buyers represent about 70% of the total M&A market.

Strategic buyers pay a premium price because they expect to get more value out of an acquisition than its intrinsic value.

Financial Buyers


Financial buyers are investors such as private equity firms (PEG’s) that purchase companies primarily as investments to achieve a specific monetary return.

Pavilion has researched the globe to identify the universe of PEG’s and we provide over 4.500 organizations. We have the ability to identify those that will be the optimal fit for our clients.

Wealthy Investors


Wealthy & Private Investors (high-net-worth individuals) provides capital for a business acquisition. In exchange, they receive ownership equity or a part of your business. These business-savvy investors are a potential source of funding to maintain growth and keep things running smoothly.

Pavilion has identified 1000’s across North America (primarily) who have registered their interest and are tracked on our database to connect with them as appropriate.

Selection of the Fittest

Gain the optimal strategic fit for your company

Pavilion has invested over $5M into our database that reaches coast to coast. This enables us to provide the optimal strategic fit that drives up the price and terms for the clients we serve.

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Opportunity knocks in our private exposition

Notice to Private Equity and Venture Capital buyers:

By Invitation only please

Due to high volume of buyers; we are no longer accepting any Private Equity or Venture Capital buyers; unless by invitation only.

It is our privilege to work with the Financial services sector; however we are experiencing higher than normal inquiries.


If you register as a buyer (see link here) your request will be reviewed and added to our system and contacted as new listings are available.

Thank you for your understanding.

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