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Pavilion Business Services provides you with decades of experience to help you understand your options in the
mergers and acquisitions market. We’re here to help you make wise decisions.

Business Valuations:
Your Worth is More than You Think

Get a clearer picture of your business value using more accurate methods than a buyer may offer you. This FREE Webinar is open for all to attend.

Business Value Gap Analysis:
Create Future Value for Your Business Webinar

Do you know your company’s current value? Everybody has an idea of what their business is worth, but it’s frequently inaccurate. Learn how to bridge the gap between the actual and desired value of your business. You have goodwill. Now value your business.

Buy a Business with Intelligence

Achieve acquisition intelligence. Gain a competitive edge in making opportune buying decisions. Create strategic growth and market advantages. Begin your future here.

Create Future Value for Your Business

A Business Value Gap Analysis gives you clear direction for your future. Achieve your goal of increased sales and profits through a clear process and action plan.

Exit Planning:
Why is my business not selling? Webinar

Whether you’re winding down your involvement in your business or still going full tilt, every smart business owner should have an exit strategy, or at least start to consider their many options.
Save time, money, and effort by planning now.

Facilities Management Book – Vol. 2

Healthier buildings, healthier lives.  Indoor Air Quality is crucial to keeping employees and visitors healthy and ensuring they can continue working.

How to Sell Your Business for Maximum Value

Your business can acquire increased growth, value and attract multiple buyers.  The ideal time to plan for exit or retirement is when you have the most options open to you. Your journey starts here.

Working With Pavilion

Our team of professionals have extensive experience working with various industries and sectors of privately held companies and family businesses.


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