Business Confidentiality

Business Confidentiality

From start to finish – maintaining your business confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Business confidentiality is a priority. Systems and procedures are in place throughout the whole sales process to protect the identity, information, clients and customers of your business. We have developed strict Non-Disclosure Agreements that every prospective buyer must sign before receiving any detailed information about your business. We take confidentiality seriously.

All public marketing efforts contain only general information. This will allow a potential buyer to be qualified by evaluating a variety of aspects, including: price, industry sectors and relative geographical location. Your business’ name, financial information and exact location are never disclosed prior to obtaining a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Pavilion has strict guidelines when communicating with you. We take steps to make sure that you are only contacted by private e-mail and private phone numbers to ensure employees are not informed of your decision to sell until you determine the timing is right for you.

Business Confidentiality

Privacy Policy

Pavilion Business Services promotes ethical practices amongst its employees, stakeholders, associates and partners. We maintain a vision of the highest professional standards based on privacy, integrity, fidelity, and transparency. This means that we will treat our relationship with you, any personal or business information shared by you, or entrusted to us as proprietary and confidential.

We will not disclose this information to anyone without first consulting you to obtain your expressed written consent. Furthermore, we have policies and procedures in place to keep your private information confidential.

At Pavilion we take ethics and privacy very seriously and see our necessary fiduciary relationship as both a privilege and a responsibility.

The four benefits of using a business adviser (Broker or Mergers and Acquisitions)

A business broker handles communications with qualified buyers, negotiation and coordinates communication amongst the seller’s advisors.

If you’re thinking about selling your business, business advisors can help you prepare your business for a sale and provide several other benefits, as seen below:

  1. Maintain Confidentiality –  When selling your business, confidentiality is vital. Your company can lose credibility if word gets out about the sale to customers, employees, suppliers and competitors. Preserving your confidentiality will help you control the timing and way others learn about the sale of your business.
  2. Screen Prospects –  You still need to concentrate on running your business, and during the course of a business sale tire kickers can take up a lot of your time. Business brokers can help ease this burden as they can quickly judge the seriousness of a prospect.
  3. Attract Buyers –  Business brokers know how to attract buyers. A business broker will usually already have a database of contacts that are looking to buy.
  4. Negotiating –  A broker will be able to mediate discussions between you and qualified buyers. As an objective third party, a business broker will negotiate on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

Business brokers are experienced in the selling process. Brokers know how to overcome the many obstacles that often prevent a sale from closing. Furthermore, they keep the deal on track to ensure all parties meet the necessary deadlines.

Business Advisor