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A successfully structured Mergers & Acquisitions transaction creates your best advantage in today’s market.

Consultation, Advisory,
Transaction Structuring,
Business Valuations


Pavilions offers 360º integrated turnkey M&A services for any size company, across a wide range of industries:

  • Conducting accurate true-market professional business valuations and pre-sale audits
  • Conducting unbiased pre-sale analysis and assessments, and assisting with enhancing the value of your business
  • Advising on the structure of the transaction, including share purchases, asset purchases, debt or equity financings, plans of arrangement, restructuring, mergers, and spin-out transactions
  • Utilizing our business intelligence, we conduct business analysis, market analytics, data research and review for your optimal business strategy

Transitioning, Exit planning,
Succession, Strategic planning,
Risk & Market Analysis


We navigate the risks to achieve your rewards for your M&A goals including:

  • Strategic planning for early stage optimal timing, tax reduction and market positioning
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality
  • Preparing or implementing sale or purchase
  • Maximized marketing, geo-demographic targeting and global outreach to achieve your optimal exposure
  • Obtaining consents from lenders and making arrangements for the repayment and discharge of debts
  • Advising employers on the transition of employees and human resource (HR) matters
  • Requesting consents and assignments from landlords, customers, and suppliers

Due Diligence, Negotiations,
Legal Requirements,
Deal Flow & Closure


Negotiating on your behalf, we manage all the various business protocols and legal requirements to close the deal.:

  • Conducting due diligence reviews on target companies and preparing vendors for sale
  • Negotiating and drafting non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), letters of intent (LOIs), offers to purchase, share and asset purchase agreements, escrow agreements, noncompetition and non-solicitation agreements,
    loan agreements, vendor takeback agreements, shareholders agreements,
    employment and consulting agreements, and other transaction documents
  • Legal support team for post-closing matters, updating corporate filings, amalgamations, handling holdbacks and purchase price adjustments

“If you have a vision, we’ll help you turn it into a reality.”

Pavilion Business Services offers a wealth of resources and a talented team that produces results in realizing
your strategic goals, while capturing value, and delivering growth.

Pavilion’s core services are your advantage


We help you secure and protect your business investment…

Pavilion’s M&A advisory firm is dedicated to ensuring successful M&A deal closures and other strategic plans for you through decades of experience and negotiating skill.

  • Sale of your business
  • Mergers
  • Management buy-out
  • Divestitures
  • Raising capital
  • Buying a business / acquisitions
  • Business valuations
  • Succession planning
  • Business strategies
  • Data Engineering

Manage change successfully…

Uncertainty is the enemy of the business cycle

We are living in disruptive times and you must be prepared at all times, in all circumstances. Today’s fast-moving market have caused businesses to transition at a rapid pace.

Business owners are choosing to sell, divest or take advantage of strategic opportunities to grow their companies.

The best time to secure your future is…to “find out now”.

Effective M&A solutions that look out for your best interest

Pavilion’s team of advisors offer strategic solutions for sellers and buyers by targeting companies involved in share and asset transactions, mergers, restructurings and amalgamations.

From transaction structuring, funding sources, capital or support with corporate investment decisions, we negotiate on your behalf and successfully navigate the risks to achieve the maximum rewards for your M&A goals.

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As an independent Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm operating and serving the mid-cap market, Pavilion provides specialized advice to companies, organizations and management teams of publicly and privately-owned businesses.

  • The Pavilion Team did a fantastic job to help me sell my business, very competent and their support was invaluable.
    Bryan RobinsonAtlas Anchor Systems Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Bryan Robinson Atlas Anchor Systems
  • The Pavilion team surprised me with how their research and outreach process identified numerous buyers of whom I was not aware. Their privacy approach enabled the complete...
    Mark TrotzukDirector, Eco Boardroom Apparel Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Mark Trotzuk Director, Eco Boardroom Apparel
  • The Pavilion team has been awesome and instrumental in getting the deal done. We are glad it was negotiated with multiple parties and achieved great value, price and terms...
    Dave BalshawDirector, Concorde Glazing Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Dave Balshaw Director, Concorde Glazing
  • It was really important that my business was listed and sold without disrupting day-to-day activity for my employees and customers. Pavilion was able to handle the sale with...
    Navneet DhanjuAcquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Navneet Dhanju
  • Pavilion valued my business at between $17.5M to $19.5M and so far they have generated over 46 enquiries from strategic buyers across Canada and USA. They researched...
    Russ HebblethwaiteAcquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Russ Hebblethwaite
  • I’m an accountant and a CBV specialist – after 3 years trying to sell my business without help, I enlisted the help of Pavilion. What a difference professionals make – they researched and...
    Accountant, CBV SpecialistGibbs Delta Tackle Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Accountant, CBV Specialist Gibbs Delta Tackle
  • As one of the largest companies in our region running a high profile business in a competitive environment, confidentiality and privacy were major concerns when I was selling...
    Mud Bay DrillingAcquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Gordon Gibbons Mud Bay Drilling
  • Thank you for helping us through the valuation, listing and sale process and quite the process it is! We are still fumbling our way through the smoke with the transition, but are...
    Brenda NobleNoble Tractor & Equipment Ltd. Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Brenda Noble Noble Tractor & Equipment Ltd.
  • I’ve known about Pavilion for only a short while before recruiting their assistance to sell my business. They did an awesome job and achieved a good price. Transition terms where...
    Nu-Tech System Ltd.Share Sales to Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Patti Tan Nu-Tech System Ltd.
  • We are very pleased with the transaction process and advice from the team at Pavilion. They implemented an outreach program, secured multiple bidders and help...
    Ron BottingDirector, Optinet Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Ron Botting Director, Optinet Systems Inc.
  • The Pavilion team negotiated with multiple parties and achieved great value, price, and terms that resulted in more $$$ value. They have kept their promise...
    Dave Andrews Director, Penguin Meats Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Dave Andrews Director, Penguin Meats
  • I had been searching for synergistic companies to acquire for nearly three years – without success. I engaged Pavilion for their assistance and in less than 4 months they identified...
    Suren Ramlochun Phoeniz Fire Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Suren Ramlochun
  • The Pavilion team exceeded my expectations. They provided me with a Valuation that surprised me, revealing a lot of extra value that I hadn’t considered...
    Edward OskoValley Personnel Ltd. Share Sales to Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Edward Osko Valley Personnel Ltd.
  • I sold my business at the top end of the market value – primarily because of the team at Pavilion. They engaged 27 different bidders who were mostly strategic buyers who wanted a...
    Val Varga VVV Engineering Director Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Val Varga VVV Engineering Director
  • Thanks to work completed by the Pavilion Team, I could focus on running my business rather than dealing with all the details involved in listing and selling the company. They have been...
    Manney Transport Ltd. Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Manney Transport Ltd.
  • My husband passed away suddenly and the business was left to me to operate. I needed to sell it quickly and achieve top value. The Pavilion team achieve success by selling...
    Business Owner’s WidowWindsor Security Ltd. Acquired by Multiple Strategic Buyers
    Read More
    Business Owner’s Widow Windsor Security Ltd.
  • I tried to sell my company on my own and wasn’t getting anywhere. After six months working with the team at Pavilion, there were ten interested parties...
    Ross Ireland3DS - Three Dimensional Services Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Ross Ireland
  • When Pavilion presented me the valuation and showed how they had used over 20 different valuation methods I was confident that we have the most accurate and unbiased...
    City of Surrey Business Valuations
    Read More
    City of Surrey
  • Greg & Team Thanks so much for making the sale of Nowak Rope.  Without your team working so hard we wouldn't be where we are today.  Retirement is feeling pretty good...
    Sigmunt & Lisa NowakNowak Rope Ltd. Acquired by Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Sigmunt & Lisa Nowak Nowak Rope
  • Dear Stephen:On behalf of Norm and I, just a short note of thanks to you and the team at Pavilion for your work assisting BC Comfort senior management via our...
    Robert Noel President, BC Comfort Business Value Gap Analysis
    Read More
    Robert Noel President, BC Comfort
  • After searching for more than 2 years to locate a fit and value, without success, we contacted Pavilion to see if they could help.  We retained Pavilion to help us acquire a company that fit our investment criteria. Within 24 hours they introduced me to sellers that I wasn’t aware of and the phone call with the seller went very well.  We are now in the Due Diligence phase and I’m very pleased that our transaction is on track for success.
    Randy Strategic Buyer
    Read More
    Randy - Strategic Buyer
  • Our firm is a Private Equity group who has the goal of investing over $300M for acquisitions.  We were having challenges finding and locating the “right deal” in US or Canada.  After much frustration seeking sellers who would qualify, I contacted Pavilion. I must admit after some scepticism, they are introducing me to transactions that have impressed.  They have a complete system for “deal flow” that now means we are on track to reach our investment goals.
    Mark Private Equity
    Read More
    Mark - Private Equity
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