Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say.

“After having worked with the Pavilion team, I have to admit they exceeded my expectations in a number of different ways:

  • The Pavilion team provided me with a Valuation – that was very professional and comprehensive. It surprised me that the process revealed a lot of extra value that I hadn’t considered.
  • One of my concerns was that I’d be distracted and forced to answer a lot of questions from buyers. That didn’t happen because of their detailed preparation and on-boarding process.
  • I was expecting disruption and they managed the sale smoothly from start to finish.
  • Another concern was privacy; however they handled the entire sale process with complete secrecy and my staff were not alerted or alarmed. In fact the transition process was smooth and effective.
  • Finally – I was expecting a lower sale $$ value and the successful buyer paid more than I expected. They negotiated a higher cash component and great transition terms for me.

I’ve now sold my business and I only have applause and appreciation for the smart work that Pavilion achieved. Well done to the Pavilion Team!”

– Ed Osko, Valley Personnel Ltd


“As one the largest company operating in western Canada; running a high profile business in a competitive environment, confidentiality and privacy was a major concern when I was selling my business. After interviewing their team, they demonstrated how they would protect our company privacy and operate with total secrecy.

The team at Pavilion did an exemplary job of maintaining a low profile throughout the sale process. They have unique methods to market the business, and keep it under the radar. We had numerous qualified bidders, their in-house marketing agency Firstbase did a great job. I’m very pleased with the sales price and overall outcome – well done.”

– Gordon Gibbons, Mud Bay Drilling.


“We are very pleased with the transaction process and advice from the team at Pavilion, they implemented an outreach program secured multiple bidders and help use choose the right buyer partner. Pavilion helped us through the challenging process of negotiations, LOI and final agreements. We are delighted with the outcome.”

– Ron Botting: Director, Optinet Systems Inc.


“My experience with Pavilion was excellent! Greg and the Pavilion team sold my Engineering business and I was very pleased with the outcome and results. I would definitely recommend them as they provided a great service and very professional.”

– Val Varga, VVV Engineering Ltd.


“The Pavilion team did a fantastic job to help me sell my business, very competent and their support was invaluable.”

– Bryan Robinson – Atlas Anchor Systems.


“I’m very pleased with the results. After getting a detailed valuation I decided it was time to sell the business. It wasn’t long before I had three interested buyers and sold my company for over 37% above the valuation price.”


“I met with the team at Pavilion and they discussed the process with me and my partner as we are planning on selling in 4 years. I’ve been working closely with my accountant for two decades now and it became evident that I wasn’t totally prepared for the selling. Based on their professional valuation they showed me my business is worth about $4M today. However, they pointed out that by adding 3 additional members of my family as shareholders, that in two years time we could take full advantage of the Capital Gains Exemption of $800,000 each providing us over $2.4M tax free. These guys are great and they know their stuff and now we are working with their Firstbase operation to groom my business, reduce the risk for buyers to ensure a sale share and add more value for our retirement!”


“Thanks to work completed by the Pavilion team, I could focus on running my business rather than dealing with all the details involved in listing and selling the company. They have been amazing in generating lots of buyers, as a result I had several offers buy my business. They handled all the details that enabled me to stay focused on managing my operations. The best part of all is I realized a higher sale price and very happy!”


“Ok, I admit that I made a mistake by trying to use a Real Estate agent to sell my business. After over a year listing with them – they only attracted two low-ball offers and I was disappointed. The folks at Pavilion called me and after checking them out, I decided to give them the opportunity. Within 3 months they attracted 7 offers and I’m pleased to say they were great. I’ve sold my business for fair market value and now working on the transition steps to exit.”


“It was really important that my business was listed and sold without disrupting day-to-day activity for my employees and customers. Pavilion was able to handle the sale with complete confidentiality until we reached a point where it was appropriate to let my team and my clients know about the change in ownership. The plus for me is that we’ve found someone who will take care of my employees who are very important and like part of my family.”


“For the last 25 years I’ve worked with one of the Big Four accounting firms and they really wanted to sell my business and I was skeptical. I was approached by Pavilion and I’m glad they are working with me – they have a real Merger and Acquisition team who are dedicated and professional. I’ve seen their marketing abilities first hand and I know for sure that my accounting firm doesn’t. I’ve seen great results so far – as I expect the sale process will take a couple of years to get the right value that I’m expecting.”


“Pavilion valued my business at between $17.5M to $19.5M and so far they have generated over 46 enquiries from strategic buyers across Canada and USA. They researched and compiled a list of buyers and I’m impressed with their approach. They have a whole team to help me including accounting, valuators, lawyer, marketing and negotiation team. My partner and I didn’t realize the process and steps were so involved and I very happy with the results and delighted Pavilion is on our team.”


“I didn’t really know what to expect from the valuation process. When Pavilion presented me the valuation and showed how they had used over 20 different valuation methods I was confident that I have the most accurate and unbiased valuation possible. My business wasn’t valued as much as I’d hoped for – so now I’m working with the Pavilion team on improving my sales and bottom line profitability.”

“Our accounting firm said they could sell my business for about $12,000,000 and I knew it was worth more. The team at Pavilion showed me how they went about their marketing process and within 4 month brought in over 64 buyers, including interested parties from Europe. I’m pleased to say they successfully sold the business for 35% more – they earned their fee for sure!”

“I worked with a small Broker and got burnt – he didn’t get any results after one year and I was frustrated. After talking with Greg Spafford at Pavilion, he showed me the marketing and connections they have built over 15 years and decided to give them a try. Despite my reservations – the Pavilion team has been great, excellent service and I’ve sold my business for what I had hoped for.”

“I tried to sell my company on my own and wasn’t getting anywhere. After six months working with the team at Pavilion there were ten interested parties. Pavilion handled all the inquiries to present the two most qualified buyers for my consideration. I’m happy with the final selling price and that I’m out of the daily routine – really looking forward to retirement.”

“We sold our business over 18 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made. We chose to work with a buyer from the east coast that wanted a west coast presence. I’ve stayed on for a smooth transition and am looking forward to my retirement in the near future.”

“Pavilion’s professional approach to my business valuation was very detailed. In their valuation they showed me the key business value drivers and helped solidify my decision to continue with their services to list my business. “