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M&A Success is a Matter of Choice

Explains the M&A process and it's complexities. Valuable advice to avoid undesirable outcomes and significant losses to business owners who are considering their exit options. Learn More

Working Capital

Working capital is a common measure of a company’s liquidity, efficiency and overall health. This guide outlines what working capital is and why it matters.
**Available for Clients Only Learn More

Tax Planning

Time is money. Wise planning avoids running out of both. Learn about tax savings, the optimal time to sell your business, the value of your goodwill and key strategies for achieving optimal results. Learn More

Success is like an Iceberg

Gain the rewards of your hard work in building your business. Unseen value lies beneath the surface. Avoid the risks and misconceptions of sale timing and business valuations. Learn More

Raising Capital For Success

Whether for growth capital, acquisition funding or recapitalization, identify the best combination of funding to achieve your business goals and how to pull it together. Learn More

Price vs. Value

Compare the process and value differences between various Mergers and Acquisitions specialists in the structure and execution of financial transactions. Learn More

No One Looks Back

Plan wisely for the goals in your life. Pay attention to your transition plan and exit your business on your terms. Increase your value before selling and learn about the timing of when to sell. Learn More

Misplaced Confidence

Informs you of the risks and rewards when selling your business. Protect yourself when planning ahead for your future – it pays to be well-informed. Learn More

Management Buy-out

Explains some of the key issues and framework for the internal transfer of a business. It also addresses some of the challenges, and key steps to success and risks / rewards of the process involved. Learn More

M&A Roll Ups

Learn about the process used by investors to increase valuation and reduce costs through economies of scale, by acquiring and merging small companies in the same market. Learn More

M&A Risks & Rewards

Understand the risks when selling your company and how to avoid loss. Includes mistakes made by sellers in M&A transactions and how to find the sweet spot for higher value and better terms. Learn More

Due Diligence

Explains the process of steps taken in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially when buying or selling a business.
**Available for Clients Only Learn More

Achieving Deal Success

Provides an overview of the main steps and considerations for buyers and key advice to ensure you buy a business that fits your needs. Learn More

Succession Planning

Tips for identifying and developing replacements for old leaders when they leave, retire or die. Key issues and challenges that can increase the final sale price by up to 50% and with better terms. Learn More

Forward Thinking

Strategic solutions to accelerate your success. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Specific information and ideas that can increase your enterprise value by millions of dollars Learn More

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