Exit This Way Guide

Exit This Way Guide

What’s in the Exit This Way Guide?

This free guide contains essential information about how to sell your business for maximum value. This Exit This Way Guide is a critical a resource
if you are thinking about selling your business. Request your copy to learn more about what’s in this Guide


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This free guide is a critical resource if you are thinking about selling your business

Exit This Way
  • Why should you pay attention to your Exit Plan?
  • The biggest deal of your life – are you ready?
  • What should I do before selling my business?
  • Why you will be blindsided by the next financial crisis
  • Mistakes to avoid when selling your company
  • Ten ways to increase your company’s value before selling
  • Are you ready for buyer scrutiny and due diligence?
  • Understand your customer base
  • Thinking of selling but not sure if now is the right time?
  • What are buyers looking for?
  • Exit planning and preparation for sale
  • Third party sale

Are You Ready For The Biggest Sale of Your Life?

You’ve worked hard, risked your money and done your time. Now you want to reap the fruits of your labours and sell your business for maximum value. Since you will only do this once, you want top dollar, a crisp closing and a binding transaction. Consider these points:

When to Sell

The only time to sell is when somebody wants to buy. It sounds simple, but the in today’s notoriously cyclical
marketplace, there are times when values are low or buyers are scarce. The best timing is when investors and markets perceive future growth. Value your business to leave the new owner some upside.

We agree that you want the highest price, but like any transaction the buyer wants the best deal and confidence
that profits are sustainable and that growth will continue. To successfully complete the deal, the new owner must be confident that your business will generate a satisfactory return on investment.

Exit This Way Guide

Financial Considerations

Accurate and comprehensive financial statements are essential. The company’s value will be based entirely on the formal presentation of its financial performance. Often companies don’t sell because they can’t present verified and timely statements and credible forecasts. Ensure your asset list and inventory is complete, detailed and current. An independent asset and business valuation will be required. If you don’t have tight financials and you’re considering selling, invest now in better processes and reporting. It’s that important.