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Facilities Management:
HVAC Volume 2
Air Quality, Health & Safety, Energy Conservation

A 144 page document on COVID 19 and Air Quality for Building Owners, Building Occupiers, Developers, Contractors and Facility Managers.

This book is Volume 2 Limited Edition – and every building owner and operator should have one, to protect employees, staff, visitors and management.

Available for release now .

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    Top Benefits of the FM Guide

    1. Improve management of HVAC facilities
    2. Access to the HVAC information to inform and educate users
    3. Reduce purchase and minimize operational costs
    4. Gain strength and knowledge on HVAC effects
    5. Improve Air Quality for health and safety
    6. Increase your energy conservation for increased savings
    7. Reduce absenteeism by employees and management
    8. Design and develop a better functioning workplace
    9. Outsourcing for success and reduce hassles
    10. Increase comfort and reduce energy costs
    11. Ensure a healthy workplace environment and reduce risks

    FM Guide – Target Audience

    End Users:

    • Schools and Universities, Polytechnics and Training Facilities
    • Private Education Facilities
    • Churches
    • Hospitals, Clinics, Health Spas
    • Pharmaceutical & Cleanrooms
    • Hotels and Motels
    • Shopping Centres, REITS and Malls
    • Retailers (larger chains)
    • Restaurants
    • Property Owners of Hi-Rise Developments
    • Property Management Co’s, Multi-Residential and Strata’s
    • Technology and Software Co’s

    Trade Sector:

    1. HVAC
    2. Suppliers and Mfg’s of HVAC
    3. General Contractors
    4. Trade Associations (see list)
    5. Realtors
    6. Distributors and Dealer Outlets
    7. Convention Centres and Exhibition facilities
    8. Food Manufacturing Operations


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