Deal Origination

Deal origination involves creating, maintaining and developing relationships to secure both high-quantity and high-quality deal flow.

The Pavilion team have the staff and expertise to pro-actively identify and reach out to company owners to generate transaction leads.

Investing in upside

Many smaller companies less than $100 million of sales, fly below the radar of large multi-national corporations and often have excellent reputations and cash flow.

These companies provide niche products and services that are not being offered by the large conglomerates.

Finding these opportunities requires advanced ‘corporate sleuthing’ technologies and tactics that are not available to most investors.


There is fierce competition in the M&A marketplace for good companies to buy. As a result, it is increasingly challenging to identify and engage companies who fit the investment profile criteria.

Against this backdrop, deal flow is vitally important for successful acquisitions to be realized.

The Bottom Line

If you have access to funds – the primary mandate is to successfully deploy investment capital and increase the values.

Deal Flow – Reap the Benefits

In a competitive M&A landscape, sourcing proprietary deals can help ensure that the funds are successfully deployed and invested.

The Pavilion team has the skills, talent, systems and processes that enable precise selection of businesses that fit your criteria.

Deal Timing

Acting NOW is one of your best opportunities for market advantage in today’s volatile economy.

A generation of business owners is entering retirement, creating an unprecedented buyer’s market. It’s a fact that a generation of business owners will sell their companies over the next 5 to 10 years.

Correctly identifying companies that fit your investment criteria is vital to sustain qualified deal flow.

Business sense

Outsourcing tasks to an experienced team who can perform them better makes business sense. One of the primary reasons why a business outsources to a third-party is the need for skilled expertise.

This allows you to focus on your core mission of managing growth.

Skills and talent access

In order to sustain deal flow of opportunities, leveraging the right skills, resources and talent pool is the first step.

The Pavilion team has 20 years of know-how to increase your deal flow.

Competitive advantage lies with those who access advanced technology, skill and techniques in the acquisition process.

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