Just Released: Facilities Management – Vol. 2

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Protect your employees, staff, visitors and management in the time of COVID-19.

Indoor air quality, health & safety and energy conservation are addressed in this industry must-have.

This 144 page FM Guide is packed full of valuable information and great ideas. Reduce costs for operating and
managing buildings of all sizes. Protect your employees, staff, visitors and management.

Top Benefits of the Facilities Management Guide…

  • Improve management of HVAC facilities
    Reduce costs and losses with organization, scheduling and preventative maintenance. Facilities can be managed more effectively while saving time.
  • Access to HVAC information to inform and educate users
    Keep your people in-the-know and up-to-date to avoid crises and foresee potential issues. Stay ahead of code requirements, changes and LEED implementation.
  • Reduce purchasing price and minimize operational costs
    Understanding requirements and possessing knowledge of processes can save you money.
  • Gain confidence and knowledge on HVAC effects
    Understanding cause-and-effect relationships in HVAC can help you identify issues, solve complaints and avoid disastrous outcomes.
  • Improve air quality for health and safety
    Staff, employees, workers, customers, clients, students, patients and visitors will experience a healthier and safer environment and reduced pathogens.
  • Increased energy conservation for increased savings
    This information will help you discover loop-holes and find cost-saving methods.
  • Reduce absenteeism by employees and management
    Reduced illnesses, increased comfort and well-being will pay off with increased productivity.
  • Design and develop a better functioning workplace
    Resolve issues and discover new methods for higher efficiency.
  • Outsourcing for success and reduce hassles
    Focus on your core strengths and leave less profitable tasks to other professionals.
  • Increase comfort and reduce energy costs
    Well-being and productivity will increase and your energy bill will decrease with minimal cost and sacrifice.
  • Ensure a healthy workplace environment and reduce risks
    Avoid legal liabilities, negligence and other hazards as an owner or manager.
  • Reduce insurance costs
    Code compliance along with pro-active and preventative savings can be realized.

For a sneak peak, go to https://www.pavilionservices.com/publications/facilities-management-air-qualityhealth-safety-energy-conservation/

Watch the video at https://www.pavilionservices.com/videos/


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For orders and to learn more, please visit https://www.hvacandairquality.com/

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