Re-think Deal Flow

Many criteria are necessary for establishing the procedures for a successful procurement outcome.

There is fierce competition for acquisitions deals. Technology, connectivity and skill are critical for outmaneuvering other players for acquisition opportunity.

Defined M&A strategy, goals, selected target screening, privacy, confidentiality and due diligence are critical to transaction execution.

Timing and experience in deal flow is crucial for avoiding lost opportunities and risk assessment.

Buying vs. Procuring

The subtle difference between buying and procuring is based in the skill and expertise applied to the process.

The Pavilion teams ensures that the results achieved match the defined requirements, as closely as possible.

Outmaneuver the competition

The Pavilion team has decades of experience to help you carry out some burdening tasks to acquire companies faster with better results.

Pavilion offers advanced acquisition services to companies seeking growth through acquisition and integration.

Achieve superior advantage

Our objectives in each acquisition are:

  • Minimize disruption to management by involving them only when the most promising targets are at a stage where acquisition seems possible
  • Manage and organize the approach to targets as well as the information dissemination and analysis phases
  • Allow the acquirer to capitalize on opportunities not being broadly marketed

Pavilion’s search process develops opportunities that are not being actively marketed, allowing our clients exclusive access to benefit from these non-competitive situations.

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