Midstream Equipment Corp.

Midstream Equipment Corp.

June 2023

Dear Greg,

After meeting with the Pavilion team; despite our initial skepticism we realized that your firm has made a serious commitment and investment in the M&A process.

During the course of the process, it is evident that the Pavilion team has managed to research and identify strategic buyers throughout USA and Canada and provided the best option to achieve our expected transaction goals.

It was a surprise to me that the Strategic Buyer recognized the unique Midstream opportunity with a very generous offer. It is a testimony to the time, effort and hard / smart work that your team have achieved. As you noted, it will take a miracle to find a better fit and value our shareholders.

The Pavilion team negotiated with multiple parties and achieved great value, price, and terms that resulted in more $$$ value for our shareholders / investors.

Our shareholders are delighted to accept the Strategic buyers offer; which was 80% over the previous M&A advisor. Now we have the capital to expand and invest in our future growth and expansion. It surprised me that the process revealed a lot of extra value that I hadn’t considered. Frankly your teams’ hard work has eventually paid off and our shareholders are pleased that the transaction has closed.

Your team have kept their promise of delivering best value to our shareholders and It’s great that your team achieved this in less than 8 months.

Well done to you and the Pavilion team!

Yours sincerely,

Kyle Twa, Managing Director
Midstream Equipment Corp.

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