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Letter of recommendation for Pavilion/First Base Services

I write this letter to offer others confidence in moving forward with the services offered by Greg Spafford and his team at Firstbase Services Ltd.

Enviro Vault Canada Ltd was primarily a Western Canadian supplier of our patented product used in the Oil and Gas industry. Our efforts to break into the US market as well as other sectors using storage tanks had seen limited results. In early 2009 I began discussions with Greg and his team, wherein the focus was getting to know me, and my company. Only after they had a full grasp of what we were all about did the actual marketing process begin. Now we are seeing greatly increased interest from Oil and Gas companies as well as tank manufacturers in the US. As a result of the marketing efforts, at a recent trade show in Farmington, New Mexico, we were repeatedly approached by interested users and builders. Talks are currently underway on a number of fronts and plans are in place for a full time Denver office.

This could not have been possible without marketing, and I now understand the important difference between sales and marketing. Building the brand and having our customers kept up to speed with our product development has turned the game for us from chasing people to get them information to receiving inquiries and following up with those who have already expressed an interest.

While initial meetings were held at Firstbase’ Abbotsford office, Greg did not hesitate when I requested his monthly presence at our Calgary office. We are building as a team and consider Greg and his staff an extension of our company.

Greg has been very fair with his billing and we feel that we are definitely getting good value for dollars spent. I can’t imagine real growth without real marketing, and Firstbase has the required marketing expertise. We look forward to continued dealings with Greg and Firstbase Services Ltd.

Russ Hebblethwaite, President
Enviro Vault Canada Ltd.

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